Thanks for being curious enough to find out more! "About us" is really a misnomer because there's no "us," just me - Jen, a life-long crafter from Pearl City Hawaii.  After many forays into other crafts like pop-up greeting cards, bead jewelry, kumihimo, and polymer clay, I've found myself in fused glass, also known as warm glass. 

Hawaii Kiln Glass is the result of people seeing gifts I've given to friends and family and asking "where can I buy that?!?" 

I LOVE glass more than I love shoes (which is saying a LOT).  I love the way that glass interacts with light - how the light is transformed, how the glass is transformed.  So many colors!  So many options!  Bonus:  I can take modified  techniques and skills from other crafts and apply them to glass.  Glass is a medium that is fun to experiment with and great results can be achieved at any skill level. 

I hope you like my creations, and I hope you keep wanting more!

Thanks for checking me out!


Our story so far:  Years ago, a friend of mine wanted to learn beading and I tagged along.  I got hooked on beading, taking class after class to learn new techniques.  Eventually designing and assembling was not enough, as beautiful as the results were.  Yes, I created necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches, but I didn't make the beads or the findings myself.  That needed to change.  Wireworking, kumihimo, silver fusing, lampwork beads, and fused glass pendants were learned via Honolulu's The Bead Gallery ( thanks to Jamie, Jason, Calvin, and others.

While shopping for beadmaking supplies during a much-needed vacation, I found myself at the Bullseye Connection in Portland, OR, and my life was forever changed.  Here, I was introduced to glass fusing beyond the small pendants that I had made in the past, the options, the possibilities!  So here we are now, a couple of classes, kilns, and many nicks and cuts later (thank god for Band-Aids and Neosporin!). 

Hawaii Kiln Glass - Pearl City, Hawaii

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